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  • Joy of My Vocation: Young woman professes her vows as a Sister of Life

  • Faith Formation Day

    September 19, 2015
    Disciples in Action: Family. Parish. Faith.
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  • Caring for Creation

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  • The Way, The Truth and The Life

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Bishop Noonan on Twitter

BishopNoonan Let us pray that we help each other to create a new heaven and a new earth through the beauty of marriage as a Sacrament.
BishopNoonan For 26 years the Orlando Liturgical Conference has formed, educated, and celebrated the liturgical life of our people. #OLC2015
BishopNoonan We are commissioned at the end of Mass to go out & live the life that the Liturgy celebrates, a life through, with, and in Christ. #OLC2015

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Marriage Preparation

For marriage preparation information, registration and program options, follow the link below.

Marriage Preparation

Safe Environment Program

Fingerprinting &
Safe Environment Program:
Victim Assistance Coordinator:

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Becoming Catholic

Want to become Catholic or have a few questions about the Church? Click below for answers or feel free to send us your question via email for a response.

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Download information about the people, ministries and entities that are part of the Diocese of Orlando.

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Family Enrichment

The Florida Catholic published an article about the Building a Successful Stepfamily workshops led by the Diocese of Orlando in the July 27-Aug. 9, 2012 issue. For more information about stepfamilies and to read the article, please click here.

Apostolic Journey Of His Holiness Benedict XVI To Valencia (Spain) On Occasion Of The Fifth World Meeting Of Families. Vigil Of Prayer - Address Of The Holy Father , City Of Arts And Sciences, Saturday, July 8, 2006: Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am most happy to take part in this prayer meeting which is meant to celebrate with great joy God's gift of the family. Read more...

"A family is our first community and most basic way in which the Lord gathers us, forms us, and acts in the world. The early Church expressed this truth by calling the Christian family a "Domestic Church" or "Church of the home"."Follow the Way of Love,"- A Pastoral Message of the U.S. Bishops to Families.

PARENTING – There are several video-based programs directed at increasing confidence and developing skills in parents who, in turn are better able to instill self-esteem, responsibility and cooperation in their children. These programs have a number of options:

The Active Christian Parenting and Active Parenting of Teens are six-week programs and are facilitated by a certified leader (activeparenting.com). Just Me and the Kids, is for the single parent family. This program aids both children and adults in healing and developing healthy relationships. S.T.E.P.-Parenting the Young Child. Is for parents of infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers. 1,2,3,4, Parents, is for parents of children 1-4 to better understand early childhood development and the skills to deal with the young child. (3 week, 1½ hour format).



Spanish Language Parenting Workshops for Spanish Parenting workshops in the Chancery building. Anyone interested in either program should contact the Office of Family Life at (407) 246-4865 for dates and to register.

STEPFAMILIES: This workshop addresses stepfamily and co-parenting issues Parents will learn effective techniques to facilitate positive co-parenting with former spouse and helpful hints to stengthen family relationships.

Step FamiliesSTEPFAMILY WORKSHOPS – Participants in this program learn effective techniques to facilitate positive co-parenting with former spouses and strengthen family relationships. This program is beneficial to stepfamilies and couples with children contemplating marriage. It is offered quarterly and can be scheduled in your parish if there is an interest. For further information, please call the Family Life Office. The Stepfamily Workshop can be scheduled in your area, for more information and/or registeration contact the Office of Family Life at (407) 246-4865. For further informtion, you can also visit the Step Family Association of America web site at www.saafamilies.org or www.successfulstepfamilies.com.

Ministry of Mothers Sharing

Empowering women from the inside out!

Through an eight-week spiritual process an environment provides an opportunity where women, who share the role of motherhood, can come together for personal and spiritual growth opportunities.

  • Gathers mothers together to form a network of mutual spiritual support.
  • Provides group experience of learning, praying and ministering to each other.
  • Introduces mothers to opportunities for personal and spiritual growth in a faith sharing group.
  • Increases communication skills and the use of prayer rituals in the home

Ministry of Mothers Sharing National Website: http://www.stpaulsmonastery.org/6-moms/introduction.html

To locate a local parish click: Locate a Parish

Local Regional Coordinator: Jen Seminara

Contact information: , 407-699-9019, 407-376-0483 cell

COMPASS Catholic Ministries

The Bible contains over 2,500 verses and fifteen percent of everything Jesus said dealt with money and possessions. Compass Catholic Ministries helps people to learn and apply these practical life-changing principles through a nine week Bible Study and a one day Seminar. Click here to learn more... Call 407-977-1991 or e-mail .

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